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Letter to donors - Appeal for help

Dear Sir/Madam,

Help Center for Children - Humanitarian association OAZA has been working since 1993, and helps in the care of children without the adequate parental care. We believe that the care of these children is the problem of the entire our society, and we hereby seek your assistance in helping our foster families, fostered children, a variety of activities that promote and encourage foster care of children, as well as future activities of the Association.

Previous activities of OAZA Association were mainly financially supported by foreign donors, but as the economic crisis in Europe get stronger, the donations from abroad are becoming less frequent and smaller.

As the current economic situation is also difficult in our society, and as it is getting more and more difficult to find financial support for our work, we are looking for the members of the society who will make donations to help these children who do not have the luck to live in their own families.


  • helps foster families and foster children, providing necessary material and financial resources for their care
  • provides financial compensation and pays the extended retirement insurance for foster parents who have decided to dedicate their entire time to foster children and their increased needs, and to care for them and be professional foster parents (they devote all their time to children who were neglected in their own families due to various problems, and were therefore denied the quality care, attention and education)
  • visits foster parents and foster children, and gives them necessary support
  • encourages and promotes quality foster care of children in Istria and Croatia
  • provides additional help for the other children in need

Details of our work can be found on our website

If you wish to pay a donation to help these children, you can do it by making payment to HUMANITARNA UDRUGA OAZA - OTP Banka dd, IBAN: HR8023400091118004590

If you have no means to provide the financial support in this time of crisis, maybe you can donate to these children or families some of your products or services, or maybe you can think about fostering a child in your family.

Our Association commits to send to all our donors the semiannual reports about our children, and the work of the Association with the report on all funds received and spent. To those who want to become foster parents we can provide assistance with our advice and past experience.

We wish you abundant God's blessings in your future work and personal life.